Episode 71: AMC

It's been a long time since Dee blessed us with some of her Resnackulous observations. She's back and better than ever! Listen in as she and Matt try some traditional snacks with a UK twist, have an AHA moment, share some news about TGI Friday's DIY menu, and much, much more!

The continuing adventures of your favorite podcasting duo... Lex & Matt!

it's episode 67, and you now what that means: more of the podcast chat you've come to know and love from Lex & Matt! 

Episode 66 has been executed as Lex & Matt have a jam-packed episode ready for you! Why did Matt have a RoboCop related breakdown? Will Lex bludgeon herself while flipping her coin, Two-Face style? Tune in to find out answers to these questions and more!

One too many Tay-Tay references, and now I'm lyin' on the cold hard ground. This episode, we get a little #Resnackulous with plain Skittles. Matt cameos on a voice over demo reel in a surprising way. Also, Lex becomes Matt's accountabilibuddy and reads Ben Stein to filth. 

In the words of our patron saint of self-care Keanu Reeves, the simple act of paying attention can take you a long way. We entertain at the beginning and get a little reflective near the back end. 

Episode 63: LAMEA U

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