This episode is dedicated to the excellence of Dolly Parton. We also discuss Black Friday and why it needs to not be a thing, Capcom's info leak, Snyder Cut news, and much more!

It's crossover time! This episode welcomes Bradley and Ashley of the Be Your Scary Best podcast to chat with Lex and Matt about what fries are best, the election, what fictional creatures should wear pants and much more! (You can listen on its own, or check out the first part of our crossover right here.)

If you'd like to find more from Be Your Scary Best, a podcast where the hosts drink and deconstruct a scary movie, check them out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and across all social media platforms

This week Lex & Matt discuss Leto Joker’s return, Quibi’s demise, and gay penguins!

This week Lex and Matt get spicy on the pod. Send Noods.

Hot buttered, cob-on-cob action. 

Episode 77: Q&A

Hello, Adventurers! This week is JAM PACKED with goodness. You won't even believe what we've got in store! 

We've teased and teased, now the moment is finally here! Check out this episode of Be Your Scary Best where we join hosts Ashley and Bradley as they take us through and discuss 1998's teen slasher Urban Legend. If you like what you hear (you will), make sure to subscribe!

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