“This week Lex & Matt discuss weird height requirements for dating, Lizzo’s Resnackulous trip to Tampa, Lex’s desire to be knitter to the stars, and Wall of Weird rattlesnakes! (For part 2 of this episode check out patreon.com/lexandmatt)”

In this extra beefy edition of Lex & Matt! We're joined by Dee in our first segment where we eventually discuss the passion surrounding Popeyes' chicken sandwich. Then, we jump into our classic brand of chopping it up. 


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This episode, Lex & Matt discuss the impending doom of Florida, Matt's trip to LA to proposition Kevin Smith, the D23 conference, that elusive chicken sandwich from Popeyes, and much more!

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We've got a special treat for you folks this week. Resnackulous All-Star, Dolores "Dee" Peters joins us for a countdown of our favorite candy bars of all time! We also read off some of your faves. Listen in to see how we measure up!

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“This week Lex & Matt discuss more Crisis on Infinite Earths rumors, Lex’s appreciation for Howard Stern’s evolution, the released screenplays for Game of Thrones, and Kid Rock being awful.”

This week Lex & Matt discuss how boring it is to talk about diets (while discussing their diets), a reboot of Home Alone, a ton of Batman news, and a very NSFW edition of Wall of Weird.

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Lex & Matt discuss Sprite ads, Zombieland 2, Another Life on Netflix, ice cream truck choices, and debate J J Abrams running the DCEU.

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Our San Diego Comic-Con wrap-up and more (of course). We also announce the winner of our Batman: The Animated Series contest!

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On this episode, Lex & Matt discuss Area 51, Chance the Snapper, the Emmy's and more.

This week Lex & Matt discuss Halle Bailey being cast in The Little Mermaid, Stranger Things 3 (no spoilers), Kanye West building his own Tatooine, and a bag of bones.

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